This one’s for the Year 6 children who have worked so hard in the build-up to this week…

You’re near the end of your primary school journey.

You’ve learnt so much more than verb tense and written methods of multiplication and how to answer 3-mark questions.

You’ve learnt about the past; you’ve learnt the continents, oceans and capital cities; you’ve learnt how to mix colours.

You’ve learnt how to conduct a fair test; you’ve learnt how to balance; you’ve learnt how to code.

But beyond the skills set out in the curriculum, you’ve also learnt life skills.

Skills to carry you through when you walk out of our doors for the last time.

You’ve learnt to tie a shoelace.
You’ve learnt to tidy up your mess.
You’ve learnt the power of a blue paper towel.
You’ve learnt how to make friends.
You’ve learnt how to keep them.
You’ve learnt to listen, to show empathy, to care for your peers.
You’ve learnt how to work with people you may not be friends with.
You’ve learnt to resolve disagreements.
You’ve learnt how to organise yourselves and be responsible for your property.
You’ve learnt the importance of hard work, self-discipline and resilience.
You’ve learnt how to win, and how to lose.
You’ve learnt about learning, and that it’s a journey, not a destination.

You’ve learnt how to be role models to other children, and how to do your parents and teachers proud.

Good luck, Year 6. Show the world what you’ve learnt, this week and beyond.

 🙌  👏  💛  ⭐️