A Midsummer’s Storm

Adrian Borda a midsummer's storm

  • What can you see?
  • Where do you think this lightning is striking? Tell that story. You could tell it from the perspective of the poppies looking on.
  • What is the significance of poppies? Does it add another meaning to the picture?

Science link:

  • What is lightning?
  • What causes lightning?
  • Is lightning dangerous? Is this lightning dangerous to these flowers?
  • Is it possible to have thunder without lightning?
  • Does it have to be raining to have a storm?
  • In which direction does lightning strike?
  • Is lightning more common in the summer?
  • Does lightning always strike the tallest object?
  • Can lightning strike in the same place more than once?
  • How hot is lightning?
  • Is lightning always white?

Credit: Adrian Borda

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