Autumn Leaves


  • Describe this picture. Use the vocabulary builder to collect ideas.
  • What is the bird doing? Why?
  • Is the bird happy? How do you know? Why is it feeling this way?
  • What do you like best about autumn? What about the other seasons? Imagine you could put the best parts of each season in a bottle – what would you include? What would you write on each label? [e.g. AUTUMN: carpets of crisp, burnt orange leaves crunching beneath your feet; the smell of earth and bark and bonfires; sunsets casting the world in a golden glow…]
  • Which is your favourite season? Why?
  • Do all countries experience seasons in the same way? Investigate and try to explain why/why not.


Credit: Goro Fujita

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    So cute

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    aww so cute love it perfect to write a story

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