Best Friends


  • Why is this picture called ‘Best Friends’?
  • Does the dragon belong to the boy, or does the boy belong to the dragon?
  • Who lives in the house?
  • Where does the dragon live?
  • How did they become friends?
  • Tell their story.
  • Book link: The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward – which part of the story could this picture fit into?
  • PSHE link: What is friendship? What makes a good friend? Can an animal be a person’s best friend? Could a robot?


Credit: Ramona Kaulitzki

  • suhani
    Posted at 18:32h, 26 September Reply

    it´s realy nice

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 00:51h, 19 October Reply

    good one

  • Kaitlynn
    Posted at 16:23h, 06 December Reply

    WHAT A GOOD PICTURE!I love it!Will write a story about it!

  • PinkMuffins
    Posted at 07:30h, 20 August Reply

    How to dTrain your Dragon with Lightfury. Yay

  • Shaurya
    Posted at 07:37h, 14 January Reply

    This reminds me of the best friends I had

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