Cat in the (Stitch) Hat

Ryan Lang cat dressed up as stitch

  • Why is the cat wearing clothes and a Stitch hat?
  • How does it feel about this?
  • Who does the cat belong to?
  • Describe the cat’s personality. Why do you think this?
  • Use the cat as a character in a story.
  • “Cats should not be made to wear clothes.” Debate this statement – consider arguments for both sides.

Credit: Ryan Lang

  • Foofoo
    Posted at 08:47h, 12 September Reply

    In a land far away called fiddle diddle land, a cute kitten called Jerry lives. He loves to play with his owner Izzy. He also loves curling up next to Izzy on the sofa. His favourite toy is a tug of war duck that squeaks.

    On a bright summer morning, and a bright summer morning it was, Izzy went out to buy something very special for Jerry it was something to do with knitting is what she had said. As soon as she had gone Jerry began to start thinking. Maybe it was a nice warm blanket to share, Jerry thought. After twenty minuets of complete boredom Izzy came back.

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