Cheese Delivery

Chris Dunn CheeseDeliveryWeb

  • What can you see? Play ‘I Spy’ with a friend. Try to make it difficult for them!
  • What is this shop called?
  • Who owns the shop?
  • Why has Chris Dunn created a shop with only animals inside?
  • Which animal is delivering the cheese?
  • What are the mice doing to the box?
  • What about the mouse on the ladder?
  • How do you think the animals pay for their purchases?
  • Are there other shops in this town? What else is there?
  • Draw a map of this town. Don’t forget to label the buildings and streets.
  • Write a visitor guide to this town. Who are you writing for? Would it be different for different animals? What about for humans?
  • Create an advert for this shop, or for another in the town.

Credit: Chris Dunn

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