• Which is the best description of this setting, and why?
    • ‘The jagged rock mounds, dusted with snow, stand like three friends linking arms.’
    • ‘The snow-covered rocks housed a collection of square buildings, which huddled together to catch the final light of the day.’
  • Can you write an even better description of your own, or improve one of the sentences above?
  • Where do you think this is?
  • Is it always snowy here?
  • Who lives in this place?
  • How do the people reach the buildings on top of the arch?
  • Why were buildings constructed in such a dangerous location?
  • What is the building in the upper right corner? Why is it designed in a different style to the other buildings? Is it a church, a castle, or something else?
  • How is this place similar to your local area? How is it different?

Credit: Tyler Carter

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