• What is the dad¬†doing?
  • Why is the girl standing behind him?
  • Why is she dragging a kite on the floor?
  • Has she said anything to him? Does he know she’s there?
  • How is she feeling? What is she thinking?
  • Do you think this has happened before? Why/why not?
  • Why is the kite coloured bright red, but everything else is in dull colours?

Credit: Aaron Becker

  • Sienna
    Posted at 14:12h, 02 February Reply

    There sat on her dull bed was Amelia.She steered at the the grey wall gloomily imaging of her having fun with her parents.Her dad was a doctor so he was always doing computer work or either steering at the blurred up screen of the computer.Mum was always on the pastell blue telephone or cleaning up the whole entire house.And her dog lily was always a asleep.Amelia had no one to talk to no one to play with and absolutely nothing to do.She walked out do her bedroom and headed for her unsociable dad.”Daddddddd!”she moaned.”Go away Amelia I’m trying to work here”,said her dad.So she tiptoed over to her mum.”Mum pleasssse can you play with me?”Asked Amelia.”Shhhhh I’m on the phone don’t interrupt like that”.Amelia went up the stairs act go her room.There was no point.Then she had an idea she was going to make a den out of clothes.It didn’t take her that long only a couple of minutes.She walked in thinking of ideas to make herself happy.Which one was she going to choose first?

  • Tyanna yr6
    Posted at 15:17h, 24 February Reply

    He is one the computer properly working. To see what he is doing or to alps, him a question. She wants him to play with her. Yes she probers said his name and is waiting for a response. Why isn’t he playing with me. Yes because she looks like she is getting he’d up. She has a Pen and coloured it

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:00h, 21 June Reply

    1.the dad is sitting on his competer doing his work
    2.she is standing behind him to get his atentcim so he can play with her kite
    3.I think she is dragging the kite behind her because she wants to play with him. she hasent said anything to her dad and i think she is sad
    By Maddisond

  • wyatt
    Posted at 02:02h, 21 June Reply

    1;The dad is doing his work becuase i think because he looks like he has had a long day at work and doing work at home. 2; She is behind him because she wants him to come out and play with her. 3; She is draging the kite because she is board by wyatt
    4; he does not know she is there.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:04h, 21 June Reply

    1.the dad might be working
    2.she is standing behind him… because she wants to play with him .
    3.because she’s sad.
    4.she hasn’t said anything.!

  • LD
    Posted at 17:04h, 27 February Reply

    There sat on her bed was Margret talking to her teddies because she had no-one to with so she opened the curtains. Just that split second Margret remembered that her dad would play with her kite. Margret cautiously tip toed to her dad, who was so busy on his computer; searching for a new car. So Margret grabbed the kite and cried, ” You broke our promise!”
    “Sorry but I’ve got to buy this car for mum,” uttered dad, “and I’m tired.” yawned dad.
    Margret stomped outside. It turned dark and gloomy all of a sudden. Margret’s kite flopped onto the floor so she went back inside to talk to her teddies.

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