Dark Infantry 1920


  • Where is this?
  • When is this?
  • What are these robots?
  • What is their purpose?
  • Who built them?
  • What’s inside the buildings in the background?
  • What does this image make you think of?

Credit: Jakub Rozalski

  • luke
    Posted at 08:43h, 12 September Reply

    On planet,far far away, there are cyborgs who live on the planet blarg.They have lived there for century’s but eventually they were separated and this caused war between the different settlement.This war destroyed all happiness on there planet.Soon enough they trained battle Borges to protect there camp. Now there is only war,anger and the taste for revenge. Two battle Borgs were specially designed to re-build them self after total destruction of there nano parts. The creator of these master pieces was no other then Dr dray, the cyborgs greatest scientists of all time and space. These battle Borgs had twice the battery, stronger metal and the most aggressive trainers. They were equipped with the most dangerous blasters in all of space. This is life on blarg. By Luca

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