• What is the robot doing? Why is it alone? What is it thinking? [Writing – write a narrative ‘around’ this image (imagining the before and after); write the robot’s thoughts at this point in time (as a stream of consciousness).]
  • Where is this?
  • Describe the changing weather. [Can the weather affect the mood? Do you feel differently when you see clouds and rain to when it’s sunny? How do authors and illustrators use this in stories? What is this device called? – Explore pathetic fallacy.]
  • Why is the robot standing there, looking at the clouds?
  • What does it mean to expect something? If you expect something to happen, how likely is it? [Upper Key Stage 2 – use this as a starting point for teaching modal verbs and adverbs.]
  • What is the ‘expectation’ in this image?
  • How will the robot react when it happens?
  • What if it doesn’t happen?
  • Do you have any expectations in your own life (either of yourself or of others)?

Credit: Matt Dixon

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