• Where is this?
  • Why is the girl there? How did she get there?
  • Does anyone know that she’s there?
  • What is she doing? What is she looking at?
  • What time of day is it?
  • How is she feeling? Why is she feeling this way?
  • Tell the ‘before and after’ of this picture – will you write in 3rd¬†person, from the girl’s perspective, or from the point of view of another character?
  • Science prompt: (The girl is wondering) ‘What makes leaves green?’

Credit: Kate Parker

  • hiworld605
    Posted at 21:16h, 24 January Reply

    A blanket of green nothing more nothing less. Green. Just green. Why isn’t green a nice coulor it’s everwhere unless you colour blind if so well it’s green. That’s summers favourite colour I don’t no why you could ask her she wears green her hairs green her rooms green everything. Her mum used to say “girls like pink” I don’t believe that statement neither does summer she says “if girls like pink and boys like blue other colours like green would feel left out” which is true they have feelings aswell!

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