In the Ocean

Khoa Le water vc.jpg

  • Who are the people in the boat? How are they related?
  • Why did they go out in the boat?
  • Why is there only one oar?
  • What can they see beneath the surface of the water?
  • How do you think they are feeling?
  • What do the lines surrounding the boat tell you?

Credit: Khoa Le

  • Emm
    Posted at 08:31h, 19 September Reply

    Once me and my sister Annie went sailing in the ocean to catch some fish. When Annie put her oar in to paddle it got tugged under.Slowly the boat spun around,it was hard to notice at first glance. But we spun faster and faster and the the boat got dragged deeper and deeper . We was terrified at the thought of being pulled under the sea where we wouldn’t be able to breathe.soon our fear turned to awe as a whole group of great blue whales glided past us and a pod of dolphins flew over us. And just when we wanted to stay the boat started to rise to the surface. We never have understood that day and never will.

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