• Where is this?
  • Who (or what) destroyed everything? Why?
  • What happened to the people who lived here?
  • What are the people doing?
  • What are the machines? Who is controlling them? What about the aircrafts?
  • What does ‘insurgent’ mean? Why is that the title of this picture?
  • In the picture, who is good and who is bad?
  • In conflict, is there always a clear ‘good’ and ‘bad’? Can people be both?
  • How should conflict be resolved? How could it be prevented?
  • Choose a writing task:
    • Write a first person account of this scene. From whose perspective will you write?
    • Write a news broadcast – be a reporter on the scene. What will you say and how will you portray the atmosphere through your words, tone of voice and expression?
    • Write a war poem. You could use this image alone, or you could also research other times of conflict.

Credit: Alejandro Burdisio/Burda

  • Enrich
    Posted at 15:07h, 24 February Reply

    Down by the North Sea every thing was settled. No criminals were allowed there. One day the happy village became a not so happy village and here’s how.
    It was a Tuesday morning, the sun was beaming and every decided to gather at the town hall. People were playing games, having picnics and it was a pleasurable day. Until darkness shrouded the croud. The floor vibrated. A nois of metal mechanisms came closer and closer. Dark silhouette rose upon the horizon. ‘We will leave this city of trash int’ garbage oh I’m proffeser mcman the evalist of em all and one day I will rule the world mwahahaha,’
    Weird looking robots marched toward their houses and with one hit CRASH BANG BOOM went the houses and from that day on. The people of the village have never been seen since and proffeser McMan carried on his journey of ruling the world.

  • Eve
    Posted at 15:18h, 24 February Reply

    The power was too strong. He couldn’t hold it in. He let it out in an outburst of light. No one knew who he was. No one missed him when he was destroyed. Little wisps of clothes danced in the smoke-infused air. The town was wrecked. They just thought it was a exploding wires. No one knew it was caused by an inhuman boy.

    • ouapicture
      Posted at 19:53h, 24 February Reply

      Have you been studying Titanium by any chance? 😉
      Great piece, Eve!

  • PinkMuffins
    Posted at 07:55h, 20 August Reply

    We couldn’t leave the city walls, as they were locked by robots at all times. They’s taken over. Our city was gone, and the few that did survive had to work for them. The destruction caused was not only caused by them, but the reason they destroyed our city, my brother. Zyan was his name, and he was killed right in front of me when we were just 10 and 12. The reason they wanted him gone was still unclear to me, but most things in my mind were clouded at the time. There was a time when people rebelled more freely than now, but it resulted in Century Drones and Automotive Bombs to be sent in, killing most of them. I still wonder to this day what it’s like outside the state we live in. Does Arizona still have its trademark killer sun? Does New York still hold the world record of ‘World’s Tallest Building’? All of these questions I want answers to.

    I should probably introduce myself, I’m Penny Barnes. My brother, Zyan Barne’s was the older sibling, but he was inhuman. He had what people called Satanic Outbursts that caused mass destruction. We couldn’t cure him in time, as he was killed before we got the chance to test the medicine. I still had the bottle. I tried to free and avenge my brother by using karate on the droid that had killed him. The droid that had broken the first law of robotics, a robot can never harm a human. But those rules had been overwritten, now it was the other way round, we couldn’t harm them.

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