Life of Pi


  • Describe this island. Add your vocabulary ideas to the vocabulary builder.
  • Where is this place?
  • Does anyone live here?
  • What kinds of plants and animals grow/live here?
  • What is the boy doing? Why is he on his hands and knees?
  • Has he been here before?
  • Why is the tiger sitting in the boat? Does it want to go onto the island?
  • Who does the boat belong to?
  • Write about the boy and the tiger’s adventures to/on this island. Where did they come from? How did they get here? What will they do next?
  • Write an entry in the boy’s diary for when he first arrives on the island. Include description, thoughts and feelings.
  • Draw a map of the island. Does it all look like this? Are there different areas? Once you have drawn your map, decide where you would set up camp and explain why you have chosen this location.
  • Write some instructions/a guide to surviving on a desert island. For a challenge, write ‘How to Keep Your Tiger Alive on a Desert Island’.

Credit: Lisa Evans

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