• Where is this?
  • What are the creatures visiting the shop? Why do they all look so different?
  • What is sold in the ‘lightshop’?
  • Is it like any shops you have been to?
  • Who owns/works in the shop?
  • Why do the creatures need to buy lights? Where will they use them?
  • What other shops might there be nearby?
  • Design a new product to be sold by the shop. Write an advert or ‘Dragons Den’ pitch for your product. Try to use persuasive techniques.
  • Science link: How is light generated? What different sources of light are there? Build a circuit to make the bulb light up.

Credit: Chaichan Artwichai
Website – not all images suitable for children

  • Josh and Dan
    Posted at 15:21h, 23 January Reply

    Once in a deserted village,or was it?There was a old man called Peter Leenagroo and he wanted to make a shop that would change the people’s spirits. So he went home and decided to set out a design on blueprints of what to build. Paper after paper the bin was getting full. Out of nowhere, a splendid idea popped into his head. This idea was to create a street-side light shop. He gathered his materials and started forcing them together using screws and bolts, and hoped it would be ready on time. A few days later, he was just about finished. The last screw went in BANG! It was done. Wheeling it out the giant cherry red machine with oozing orange flashing lights screamed out to the whole world ” I’m free ,I’m finally free.” Peter was astounded with what he had created.

    • Mrs. Smalley
      Posted at 19:10h, 23 January Reply

      Well done, boys! I love this piece of writing. You’ve got me hooked – I need to know what happens next?

      Mrs. Smalley

  • Matthew
    Posted at 09:49h, 25 January Reply

    This has inspired me what my 500 word story

  • Sienna
    Posted at 14:04h, 09 February Reply

    “Night,night now Bella you don’t want to be tired tomorrow ,”shouted Bella’s mum.Bella closed her eyes turned and .She was asleep.Wowowowowo.”arrrgggh'”said Bella.She got out of bed and walked over to her cream wardrobe.She got her outfit out got ready and went downstairs. When she finally was downstairs she thouroughly went opened the door and went outside.There was lots of people there well there not exactly people.There were lots of flourescent lights everywhere.The people look scary but are actually really friendly people they treat you like your best friend would.Bella scurried over to the vibrant light to have quick nosey around or she would buy something with her treasured pocket money.Inside there was lots of things but one thing court her eye.It was a pink flower light it was beautiful.Bella picked it up and walked over to the till.She gave the lady the light and took her money out of her pocket.There was 2.50 2.50 please said the lady .Bella gave her the got the light and walked out.But before she could .”Wake up its morning”.It was a dream.

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