• Explain this picture. Say what you can see, what you think is happening and whether there is a deeper meaning. Tip: Try rotating the image so you can appreciate¬†the details on both sides.
  • Why can we see a younger man in the reflection in the water?
  • Is it the same man?
  • What is the old man holding? Is it the same thing that the young man is holding?
  • What does nostalgia mean? Why is that the title of this image?
  • How does the old man feel about his memories? How does he feel about his life? What are his highlights?
  • Why is he alone, both now and in his memory?
  • Is this bench/place special?
  • Why did Daniela include the hearts?
  • What about the position of the sun?
  • What are your life highlights so far? What do you think you’ll remember when you’re older? What would you like to remember? Have you written those memories down to help you to remember them?

Credit: Daniela Volpari

  • Holly
    Posted at 15:22h, 21 April Reply

    Once I was a young man with a future as bright as the sun,with a wife like the stars and three children Peter,Milo and John. Our life was perfect as perfect as can be but one day I lost everything.

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