Post-apocalyptic NYC

henrik-evensen-post-apocalyptic-nyc-1Credit: Henrik Evensen

  • Describe this setting. Try to use new and adventurous vocabulary e.g. decay, desolation, vacant, shrouded in fine dust, smog, splintered metal, deafening silence…
  • An apocalypse is a great disaster; an event involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale. What happened here? What caused the destruction of New York City? When did it happen?
  • Is it only NYC, or does it go further? (Locate NYC on a map, discuss the cause and how far it would spread.)
  • Who is the person? Are they riding a horse? Where did they come from? How did they survive? Is that the only survivor?
  • Compare this post-apocalyptic setting with this (from Wall-E) – What’s similar? What’s different?
  • Use this as a starting point for work using this video (‘Ruin’). Explore the possible causes of the apocalypse and make predictions about what will happen next. This is also an excellent video for teaching verbs, non-finite phrases and some Alan Peat sentences (e.g. Verb, person).
    [vimeo 38591304 w=640 h=360]
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