Rocket on the Moon


  • What can you see here?
  • Where are they? How do you know?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Why did they come to the moon?
  • What equipment does the man have? Why does he need it?
  • Do you think the dog enjoys being on the moon? Why? What about the man?
  • How long do you think they’ll stay?
  • What will they do here?
  • Will anyone else join them?
  • Picture book link – Man on the Moon: A Day in the Life of Bob by Simon Bartram. Try comparing this image with the book – what are the similarities and differences?


Credit: Glenn Kim
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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 08:23h, 08 November Reply

    Love this picture and the whole series, interestingly when exploring this one this morning my daughter and I thought the astronaut was a woman.

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 22:28h, 17 April Reply

      I thought it was a woman too 🙂

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