• Where is this?
  • Who is standing in the tunnel?
  • Why is she there?
  • What type of person is she?
  • Where does the tunnel lead?
  • Does she know where it leads?
  • Is she going to go through the tunnel? Would you?
  • How is she feeling?
  • Why didn’t Aron Wiesenfeld use any colour in this image? What is the effect of this?
  • Why do you think the image is titled ‘Runoff’?
  • Link to ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne – make comparisons between the text and this image (What’s similar and what’s different?). In ‘The Tunnel’, Anthony Browne uses this description: The tunnel was dark, and damp, and slimy, and scary. How would you describe this tunnel?
  • Explore the dilemma in both (Should the girl go through the tunnel?) and list the arguments for and against.

Credit: Aron Wiesenfeld
Website – not all images suitable for children

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