• Is this what you think Santa should look like? Is this how you think he travels? What’s different/surprising?
  • Describe this vehicle. Notice all of the different features (e.g. retractable wheels, headlight, fog lights, exhaust pipe, rear view mirror, compass…) Explain how it works. (Link to the text ‘How Santa Really Works’ to further explore explanation texts.)
  • What is in the sack? Why is the sack hanging below the vehicle?
  • What do you think Santa is like? Describe his personality.
  • Compare this Santa with the one in ‘Big Bag‘. Which is more generous? Which is the best representation of Santa?

Credit: Alejandro Burdisio/Burda

  • Joseph
    Posted at 14:11h, 16 March Reply

    he’s a gangster.

  • Dan
    Posted at 14:51h, 05 June Reply

    Santa is supposed to be karing but he looks like a gangster I thirst he traveled on a slay not a hovering motorbike. It has machine guns so by this picture I don’t think he is a very nice man and it looks like he got it from the dump (since it is rusty).I think in the sack has loads of presents in and it can’t go on the hover bike because it is to big.i think he is a gangster because he has machine guns. The actual Santa would probably give more presents because this Santa would keep all of them for himself.

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