The Nightmare Before The Night

  • Describe the trees. Can you use a simile/metaphor/personification? 
  • What animals might you find here? 
  • Who do you think took this photograph?  Why are the trees all around and above them?
  • Why isn’t there any colour in this photograph?
  • How does this image make you feel? 
  • What kind of story would this setting suit? Why?
  • Write a spooky story using this setting; use the title of the image as the title for your story. 
  • Write a fairy tale using this setting. 
  • Write from the perspective of one of the trees. 

Credit: Adrian Borda

  • Sophiana
    Posted at 10:58h, 08 January Reply

    The nightmare before night :

    Towering trees stood still,sorrounding Zoe and Lewis – they’re brother and sister .Darkness was approaching.The trees tips of the branches swayed to the whispers of the wind .” Lewis I don’t like it here.” Zoe whispered
    .”Don’t worry,Zoe we’re going to be fine ,Lewis Said comfortingly .A crunch of a twig echoed thought out their ears from behind ;Zoe gave a sharp turn -soon followed by Lewis-only to lay their eyes upon the solider -like trees . “What was that ?” Zoe asked nervously.” Umm I’m not sure ,” Lewis replied anxiously. Suddenly, a cacophonous screech came from within the darkness of the trees . They were not alone …
    Thoughts evoked Zoe’s mind of what hideous creature was lurking within this woods .Something or someone was creeping in this forest with them . A dark shadow was tiptoeing among the trees becoming closer and closer to Zoe and Lewis . In and out the shadow crept within the trees. One second it was there , the next it was gone .Was this some scary kind of game of hide and seek ? Lewis questioned himself . With both of them having lost track of where this ghoulish creature was they decided they could only do one thing . And so Zoe screamed “RUNNNN !!!!!!!! ”

    • ouapicture
      Posted at 11:03h, 08 January Reply

      This is powerful writing, Sophiana. It makes me feel tense while reading. I like the varied sentence structures (some short – ‘Darkness was approaching.’ – some with dialogue, some questions…) and the language you chose. Well done!

    Posted at 02:19h, 28 July Reply

    Great story, just wish it was longer. Awesome word choice and a good idea to write about… lots of suspense. Once again, awesome story, keep up the good work

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