The Rincewind Scream

Paul Kidby The Rincewind Scream

  • Describe what you can see.
  • The man in red is called Rincewind. What can you infer about him?
  • How is he feeling? Why is he screaming?
  • What is the enormous elephant behind him? Is it alive? Is it dangerous? Is it real?
  • Who are the people to the left? What is the man with the beard holding? Why? Why is there a primate with them? Why are they all looking at Rincewind, and not the giant elephant?
  • What is the glowing orb?
  • Compare this image with ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch (link). Look for similarities and differences.
  • Tell the story of this image using Emojis – make sure that you include this one: 😱

Credit: Paul Kidby


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