The Wait


  • What are the polar bears waiting for?
  • Why do they need to wait?
  • What might happen next?
  • Why are the two younger polar bears separated from the adult?
  • Science link: Where are polar bears in the food chain? What do polar bears eat? (Retrieval using a food chain/web.) How are polar bears suited to their environment?

Credit: Jen Betton

  • Rose - Year 6
    Posted at 18:47h, 23 January Reply

    I have a child. His name is Hugo. I also have a wife. Her name is Hatty. My name is Harvey. I wish I could take Hugo over the sea, onto the skinny ice, but he’s to young. Maybe one day, maybe…
    Wednesday 14th December 2004
    Today is Hugo’s 4th birthday. I’m really happy. He’s happy too. He’s already opened all his presents and Hatty has already decorated the house for his party. Today I was planning on telling him that we could go over the sea on Sunday. Hugo bounced on me in excitement, but demanded for mummy to come too; a family day out.
    Thursday 15th December 2004
    I woke up and opened my widow and there it was, nothing. Just ice and water. I went downstairs and had my breakfast. Hatty and Hugo were still in bed, but I was up. I made Hugo’s favourite breakie -that’s what we call it- and ate mine. As I was washing the pots, I felt a slight tingle in my feet. I felt the floor shaking and the table moving an inch to the right, it was weird. I went upstairs and woke Hatty up. She held my hand down the stairs, me dragging her. All I was thinking about was the shaking.
    Friday 16th December 2004
    Today I wasn’t the first to awake. Hugo was. He came into our bed and told us the dream he’d had that same night. Hatty was listening, not me. I was thinking about a possible earthquake that could occur any second. Or a tsunami that could appear out of no where. I told them I was going to the toilet, however I was going outside to see iff the shaking had cleared. No. This time it was worse.
    Sunday 18th December 2004
    Today is the day, I get to take Hugo out on the thin ice. I’m so happy we persuaded Hatty to let him. Hugo and I are so excited. I can’t wait to see his little face when he slips over and smiles at me. When we got there, Hatty’s face went bright red because she was so nervous. Wait, I forgot about the possible earthquake that could occur any second. Or a tsunami that could appear out of no where. I stopped and then sprinted towards Hatty and Hugo and tried to pull them away, but it was to late. They were already far, far away from me on a piece of ice just about as big as my body… Gone
    Monday 19th December 2004
    I waited.

  • Emmie
    Posted at 15:19h, 21 April Reply

    I think they’re waiting for the ice to freeze again because they look like a family split by melted ice. They must wait properly because the little cubs won’t survive on their own. Soon the ice will freeze over and they will play together again.

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