There’s a polar bear in the fridge

Khoa Le Polar bear fridge

  • Why is there a polar bear in the fridge?
  • How did it get there?
  • Did the girl help it or has she just discovered it?
  • What foods and drinks does the polar bear like?
  • Why is it eating ice-cream?
  • How will the girl’s family react?
  • Write some instructions – ‘How to care for a polar bear’.

Credit: Khoa Le

  • Josh
    Posted at 08:29h, 19 May Reply

    Once on a Sunday morning a girl called Claire was having breakfast (cereal) . Then as she just finished she heard a ratter in her fridge it was a polar bear. It escaped from the North Pole and it was all over the news and the man said ‘the person who finds this bear will win 1000 pounds. Claire was beaming with excitement but the bear wasn’t he was sad he didn’t’ want to go. Time flew by and she got used to the bear she loved him so much she called him Barry. He walked on his paws through: scorching desserts ,day , night and even in summer to get away. She didn’t know what to feed him so she gave him gold ice cream and when he saw it he was drawling with joy and when she handed to him he ate it in 5 seconds flat. She didn’t think about her mum and dad ( Carol and John ) dad will be furious he hates pets but mum was alright with it.

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