We Are The Resistance


  • What is resistance? What does it mean to resist something?
  • How does this photograph illustrate¬†resistance?
  • We also use the term ‘resistance’ in Science (e.g. air resistance, water resistance). What do you know about these forces?
  • Can you think of – or find out about – any examples of people resisting something? Are there any famous examples? [WWII, Rosa Parks]
  • Have you ever resisted something?
  • Is resistance a good or bad thing? Try to think of arguments for both sides.
  • Role play a scenario where it would be right to resist something, and then where it would be wrong to resist something.

Credit: Adrian Borda

  • ruthkeys
    Posted at 17:32h, 15 September Reply

    I love this…. so much to learn from it.

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