• Grammar warm up [year group expectations from the National Curriculum]:
    • 1: Write down 5 -ing verbs from the picture. Put one of them into a sentence.
    • 2: Write a sentence – is it a statement, question, exclamation or command? How do you know?
    • 3: List nouns containing the prefixes super-anti- and auto-. What is the meaning of each prefix? Is it always the same?
    • 4: Write two sentences. Use at least one pronoun. Explain your choices.
    • 5: Write a sentence containing a relative clause. How do you know that you’ve used the correct relative pronoun (who, which, where, when, whose, that)?
    • 6: Write a short paragraph about this picture. Use a semi-colon, colon or dash. Explain the effect of your choice.
  • What is Batman doing?
  • What’s special about his car?
  • Why does his car need these features?
  • Where is he? Give this place a name and explain your choice.
  • Who is the person swinging in the background? Why are they doing that?
  • What are the airships doing?
  • Create a comic strip which includes this image. What happens before and after this picture?

Credit: Alejandro Burdisio/Burda

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