The View

Little Oil Dog & Cat.jpg

  • What can the dog and the cat see out of the window? Describe the view [link to grammar objectives].
  • Are they looking at the same thing? Explain your thinking.
  • Why is the dog standing up and leaning on the window sill? How does it feel about what’s outside?
  • Why is the cat’s head slightly tilted?
  • Are their owners home? Do they have the same owner?
  • What do pets do when they’re home alone?
  • Link to ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ – watch the trailer here. Each animal has a different personality – how do the animators show us this? [e.g. They don’t tell us that the cat is greedy – we see this through a sequence of events.] Model developing a character using ‘show not tell’.
  • Write from the perspective of the dog or the cat. What are they thinking? How will you develop their character/personality when writing in first person?

Credit: Little Oil

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