Dragon Eggs

Harry Potter Dragon Eggs

  • Describe an egg and see if a partner can guess it.
  • Which dragon do you think is the most dangerous? Why?
  • Which dragon do you think will be the friendliest? Why?
  • Which species¬†could survive in cold temperatures? How do you know?
  • Which dragon egg would you like to find?
  • What would you do if you came across a Norwegian Ridgeback egg?
  • Can you plot the origins of these species on a map?
  • Try drawing what you think each species will look like as a fully grown dragon; use details from the egg’s appearance and the species name to inform your choices.
  • Create ‘Top Trumps’ cards for each species. Decide on the categories and give them ratings, then do battle!

Credit: Jim Kay – Courtesy of Bloomsbury Children’s Books

A list of species:
Hungarian Horntail
Ukranian Ironbelly
Antipodean Opaleye
Swedish Short-snout
Hebredian Black
Peruvian Vipertooth
Chinese Fireball
Romanian Longhorn
Norwegian Ridgeback
Common Welsh Green

(A Google search of each species will give you some information and images)


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