• What can you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? (Use the See think wonder sheet.)
  • What is the rhinoceros doing? Is it injured? Why is its head resting on the ground?
  • Why is its eye glowing?
  • Can it see the man?
  • What is the man doing? Why is he holding the flame torch above his head? Can he see the rhino?
  • What is he going to do? Is he going to help the rhino?
  • Is anyone else around? Are there any other rhinos?
  • Which (the rhino or the man) is normal-sized?


  • Why is the picture called ‘Fear’? Is the man fearful? Is the rhino?
  • What is fear? List your thoughts, beginning each sentence ‘Fear is…’. Put them together into a poem (like this one: Fear Is). Consider what fear looks like, feels like, and what causes fear.
  • Dawid Planeta captioned the picture with this quote:

“One challenge at a time, I try to turn into the face of fear and tell it “you are not my master, you are the product of my self and I am your master.” I look into the monster’s eyes until it disappears. Then I am free.” 
― Rohvannyn Shaw

  • What does it mean? How does the quote link to the picture?


  • What do you know about rhinoceros?
  • Find out more here: www.savetherhino.org/ and watch this video: Save the Rhinos! Create an information page about the rhino.
  • Some species of rhino face extinction for two reasons: they’re hunted by poachers for their horns, and their habitats are being destroyed. Find out more about this and plan an advertising campaign to save the rhinos. Will you write a letter, design a poster, build a website, or make a video advert? How will you persuade people to act and make a difference? [Watch Mr P’s killer whale video campaign for inspiration: Would you let it happen to me? Whales in captivity.]
  • If you need any motivation, watch this: How To Change The World (a work in progress) – Kid President.
  • ‘Some people see the bad in the world and just choose to ignore it.’ Is that what you want to do? What’s stopping you from trying to make a change?
  • Remember: ‘Things don’t have to be the way they are.’
  • If you need any help changing the world, ask an adult to send your writing/posters/videos to sam@onceuponapicture.co.uk and I’ll help to get your message out there!

Credit: Dawid Planeta

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    best prompt ever

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    looks like a great prompt for homework

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    Good emagination and experience

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    It very much shows fear, and the eyes are very stunning

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    maybe the world changed for him thats why its called fear

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    I love it

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