The Tunnel

  • Who are these people? How are they related?
  • Which one of them is going to go through the tunnel? How do you know?
  • Has one of them come from the tunnel?
  • What do their facial expressions tell you about how they’re feeling?
  • Why might they be feeling this way?
  • What might they be saying to each other?
  • Where do you think this is? Do they live nearby? What country do you think it is set in?
  • Write a prediction – what do you think will happen next? (Specify: in five minutes; in an hour; in a day; in a year.) Use this sheet to organise your thoughts.
  • Would you go into the tunnel?
  • Describe what you think it would be like inside the tunnel. What can you see/hear/smell/feel?

Credit: Matt Rockefeller

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