Huge Toad


  • What has happened here?
  • Who was the owner of the shield and sword?
  • Why did they come here? Did they know about the toad? What had the toad done?
  • Why is there a small frog with the toad?
  • Who/what are they both looking at?
  • Are they guarding something?
  • Would you try to get past them?
  • Give this picture an improved title and explain why you’ve made that choice.


  • [Teachers – this could be set up as a crime scene for an additional hook/extension. Sword, shield, moss, frog slime, witness statements, a threatening video from the toad (use Morfo 3D Face Booth)… ask children to try and work out what has happened before showing this image as the final ‘piece’ of evidence. They could write a police report with an explanation of what has happened and the evidence to support their judgments. It would also link with the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner.]

Credit: Matt Dixon

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