In a Nutshell

Paul Kidby In a nutshell II

  • Describe this image to someone who can’t see it. Which vocabulary will you choose to build a clear picture in their mind? Ask them to draw what they’re imagining, then compare the two images. How close were they? [If they’re close, you’ve done a good job!]
  • Who is this lady? Why does she have wings?
  • Why is she riding in a large nutshell?
  • How is she riding in a large nutshell? Did she have to make any adaptations to the shell so it could fly?
  • Why is there a small tree inside it?
  • Why is it covered in stars?
  • What is the bird doing there?
  • Where are they going?
  • Give this image a new title and explain why you chose it.

Credit: Paul Kidby

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