Lighthouse Town


  • What happened here?

  • Why are the buildings under water?

  • Why are the lights still on in the buildings?
  • Who is the person on the street below? What are they doing there?
  • Why did they build a lighthouse in the middle of a town?
  • Why is the girl standing on top of the lighthouse? 

  • What is the ‘break’ in the sky?

  • What do you think is going to happen?

Credit: Lena Gnedkova

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 21:35h, 15 January Reply

    In my story, the village underwater had been flooded and everyone inside was sleeping and never saw it coming. They were later cursed by something/someone unknown into living their lives as they normally would and everything would feel as if they were surrounded by air, but never knew they were underwater. The girl wearing the red hood was a girl from the village who was awake that night when the town flooded. She knew what had happened all along, but when she tried to tell others, they didn’t believe her. She decided that there was no one to trust and she would find out what was over their town’s ocean boundaries. When the town was cursed, a mysterious lighthouse had been placed in the center of the village.

    Would anyone like to continue my story? Please comment and finish it up if you’d like. Thanks!

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