• What can you see? Is it different to what the people in the picture can see?
  • Are they the first people to discover the mammoth? What are they thinking? What might they be saying to each other?
  • Why is the mammoth frozen in ice? When did this happen?
  • Is it alive? Has it ever been alive?
  • Why is the mammoth so big?
  • What do you think the people will do?
  • Grammar link: Exclamations (Year 2); speech punctuation; expanded noun phrases; relative clauses.
  • History link: What time period did mammoths live in?
  • Science link: What did mammoths eat? Where did they live? Why did mammoths become extinct? Why does any species become extinct? What does a species need to survive?
  • English/science/P4C extension: Read this newspaper headline – WOOLY MAMMOTH ON VERGE OF RESURRECTION, SCIENTISTS REVEAL. What does resurrection mean? How can this be true? What might the circumstances be? Read the article (or sections) – what does it mean to create a hybrid species? Do you think it is right for people (scientists) to experiment with genetics? It says that they will create ‘an elephant with a number of mammoth traits’. Do you think this is a good thing? Hold a debate, or write a discussion piece, about whether creating hybrid species (or genetic engineering in general) is a good or bad thing.

Credit: Goro Fujita

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