School Playground

  • (Before revealing the title) Where is this? How do you know?


  • What can you see? Play ‘I Spy’ with a friend. (Play rhyming I Spy for a challenge!)
  • What are the different games being played in the playground?
  • What are the animals doing with the marbles? (Read more: Marbles)
  • What is the hoop and stick? (Read more: Hoop Rolling)
  • What are the two animals in the corner in the background talking about?
  • Which animals are the teachers? How do you know?
  • Which animal is the happiest?
  • Which animal is the most popular?
  • Which animal is the most creative?
  • Which animal is the most ambitious?
  • Which animal is the most unhappy?
  • How is this school and playground similar to your own? How is it different?
  • When do you think this is set? Why?
  • Find out about toys and games in the past. Have you tried any? (Try BBC Primary History – Victorian Britain: Toys and Games.)


Credit: Chris Dunn

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