Snow White


  • Describe this creature. How will you describe the eyes, the beak, the feathers, its shape…?
  • What do you think the owl is looking at?
  • How old do you think the owl is? Why?
  • How is it feeling? How do you know?
  • What might it be thinking?
  • Why is the title ‘Snow White’?

Science link:

  • What do you know about owls? What do you want to know about owls?
  • Where do owls live?
  • Do owls live in groups or alone?
  • What do owls eat?
  • What are the differences between owls and other birds (e.g. a robin, a seagull or a hawk)? Compare at least two species.
  • Find one interesting fact about owls that you think most people wouldn’t already know. Tell each person you meet in one day and keep a tally (‘Did they already know it or not?’). Feel free to share your facts in the comments below!


Credit: Goro Fujita

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    Posted at 07:45h, 23 September Reply

    aw i love this one !!!

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