The Loss of Time


  • Without showing the title: What do you think this picture represents? Why? Could it represent anything else? Could it represent different things to different people?
  • Share the title: The Loss of Time. Is it possible to lose something that you can’t see or touch? What other examples can you think of? (e.g. losing hope, losing will…)
  • What does it mean if you ‘lose’ time? Where does it go? Can you ‘find’ it again?
  • Is losing time the same as wasting time?
  • How do you waste time?
  • How do you value time?
  • How could you encourage others to make the most of every minute?
  • Does time pass in different ways? Think of a situation when time has passed slowly; think of a situation when time has passed quickly. Why do you think this is?
  • What other questions do you have about time? Think of a question that has a clear right/wrong answer; think of a question that will stimulate discussion but doesn’t have a clear answer.


Credit: Tim O’Brien


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