The Search


  • Who is this?
  • What is he searching for? Is it something he lost? If so, when?
  • Do you think he’s going to find it here?
  • Is he actually looking for it?
  • What does his body language tell you about how he’s feeling?
  • Pathetic fallacy is a device often¬†used by writers and artists – it is a kind of personification that gives human emotions to inanimate objects of nature. For example, writers and illustrators often choose the weather to reflect the character’s mood or personality. Do you think that Pascal Campion chose to make it cloudy and dull, with limited use of colour, to reflect how the man is feeling? Can you think of any other examples of this in books you’ve read or films you’ve seen? Can you include this in a story you are writing?

Credit: Pascal Campion

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