The Stone Giant


  • Who are the 2 characters?
  • Where did the giant come from?
  • How do the characters feel towards each other? How do you know?
  • Why is he giving her a flower?
  • How long has he been living in the forest? How can you tell?
  • Can he feel the water?
  • Can he feel anything? Emotions?
  • Does he belong to anyone?
  • What do the symbols and patterns on his body mean?
  • Where did she come from?
  • Can a person be friends with something that isn’t human? … that isn’t alive? Is he alive?

Source: AtomicThinkTank

  • alistair
    Posted at 10:38h, 07 March Reply

    where did the stone giant come from? what inspired you to start this page?

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 22:18h, 25 February Reply

    this remindes me of golem from terraria

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