The Witch House


  • Describe this setting. Can you use any of the words below?
    • rickety
    • ramshackle
    • decayed
    • rotting
    • derelict
    • crumbling
    • clogged
    • weather-beaten
      • Challenge: Select the three most suitable words and justify your choices.
  • Does anyone live here? Who? How do you know?
  • Why do they choose to live here?
  • Describe the home owner’s personality. What is important to them/what do they value?
  • What are the wooden spikes around the house?
  • Why is there only one light source?
  • Does this person get many visitors?
  • Why is the sky an eerie green colour? What is the effect of this?
  • How could you use this setting in a story? / Challenge: Analyse and discuss how appropriate this setting is for a fairy tale.
  • Imagine that the local council wants to demolish this building in order to build a new car park. It is your job to defend the home owner’s right to live here and argue that the car park should be built on another site. How will you persuade the council?

Credit: Matt Dixon

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