• Describe this scene.
  • Where is the robot? [Note: This is called a utility pole/transmission pole/telephone pole/telecommunication pole/telegraph pole.]
  • Why is it up there? How long has it been there and how long will it stay there?
  • How does the robot feel about being up there? How do you know? Is that how you would feel?
  • What is it looking at?
  • Look up the meaning of the verb ‘transmit’. Transmit can mean ‘to pass on or transfer someting from one person or place to another’. It can also mean ‘to broadcast or send out an electrical signal, radio or television programme’. Why do you think Matt Dixon gave this image the title ‘Transmissions’? What is being transfered or sent out? Is the robot there to receive a signal/message or to send something out?
  • Cross-curricular: How are messages sent over long distances? Explore the different ways this can happen. Link to sound, electricity and circuits, e-mail and instant messaging…

Credit: Matt Dixon

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