Keeper of the Keys

Lena Gnedkova Keeper of the keys.jpg

  • Who is the person? Are they the ‘keeper of the keys’? Give evidence to support your opinions. Have they always been the keeper of the keys? How did they become this? Do you need to have certain qualities or qualifications to be the keeper? Is it a good thing? How does this person feel about being keeper of the keys?
  • Why is this person wearing one key around their neck?
  • Why are there keys hanging from this branch? Why is the branch connecting two trees? How?
  • Why are the keys glowing? What do the white lines on the branches and the ground represent?
  • Where is this place? Is it special? Do the keys have to be kept here? Why?
  • Does anyone else come here?
  • How does the ‘keeper of the keys’ get these keys? Why do the keys need to be ‘kept’?
  • What is each key for? Choose a key and tell its story.

Credit: Lena Gnedkova

  • Olivia Kumar
    Posted at 07:57h, 15 August Reply

    I like how you make the kids to write about who is the character

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 06:13h, 22 February Reply

    I love the picture

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 19:16h, 13 January Reply


  • Unicorn
    Posted at 17:04h, 01 February Reply

    Epic 😊

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