• Grammar warm up – write a sentence about this picture…
    • 1: Use the word ‘and’.
    • 2: Include an expanded noun phrase.
    • 3: Use a conjunction or a preposition.
    • 4: Use a fronted adverbial.
    • 5: Include a relative clause.
    • 6: Use the passive voice.
  • What can you see in this picture? Play ‘I Spy’ with a friend. For a challenge, you could play Rhyming I Spy (i.e. ‘I spy, with my little eye, something rhyming with bull.’ … [skull!]).
  • Choose something in the picture and see if your partner can guess it. They can only ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions – you decide how many questions they’re allowed to ask!
  • Where do you think this treehouse is?
  • Who built it? Who lives in it? Who owns it?
  • Which is your favourite room and why? See the pictures below for close ups of some of the rooms…
  • Create an estate agency listing/advert for this property. How will you describe all of the features without overwhelming the buyer? How will you persuade them that this is the house they should buy? Who is the target for your advert?

Credit: Chris Dunn

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