Under the Sea


  • Grammar warm up:
    • List all of the verbs you can think of related to this picture (e.g. splashing, swimming, watching…).
    • Now put them into a sentence.
    • Challenge 1: Begin your sentence with the verb. Will you need to use any additional punctuation?
    • Challenge 2: Explore the effect of different verb tenses.
  • What sea creatures can you see?
  • What’s happening here?
  • Who is the girl?
  • How did she get here?
  • What is the octopus doing? Is it taking her somewhere? Where? Why?
  • How does the girl feel?
  • What is the shark going to do?
  • What about the small fish nearby?
  • Where do you think this is?
  • Does this picture remind you of any stories you’ve read or films you’ve seen?
  • Tell/write the ‘before and after’ for this picture.

Credit: Khoa Le

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