Jonny Lindner Wolf

  • Describe this image without using the words ‘white’, ‘fluffy’ or ‘cold’.
  • Spelling focus: Why do we write ‘wolf’ (singular) and ‘wolves’ (plural)? Are there any other words which follow this spelling pattern?
  • What are the wolves doing?
  • Why are they in a pack of three? Are there any more?
  • Which of these words best describe the character/qualities of a wolf? Choose 3 and justify your choices.
    • Brave
    • Strong
    • Fierce
    • Weak
    • Cowardly
    • Intelligent
    • Curious
    • Wise
    • Pure
    • Cunning
    • Powerful
    • Loyal
    • Determined
    • Solitary
    • Threatening
  • Do you know of any examples of wolves in literature? Why do you think the author chose to include a wolf?
  • Explore the symbolism of different animals. [Some information here, or search ‘Animal Symbolism’.]
  • Science link: How can a wolf survive (and thrive) in such a cold place? How is the wolf adapted to its environment? [Information here.] Explore how other animals are suited to their environments.

Credit: Jonny Lindner

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