• What is this person doing?
  • How old are they?
  • What are they carrying in their sack?
  • Where did he/she come from? Where is he/she going?
  • Did they just discover how to make bubble planets or have they been doing this for a long time?
  • What happens to the bubble planets after they are formed?
  • Are they real planets? Is there life on any of them?
  • Could the idea of a bubble planet have a deeper meaning?
  • If you could create a planet, what would you make it from? What would the environment on your planet be like? Would there be any life? What kinds of creatures would live there? How would you keep your planet a safe place?


  • Choose to write:
    • A story about the bubble planet maker
    • A biography for this person
    • An explanation – How Bubble Planets Are Made
    • Instructions – How To Make A Bubble Planet
    • A letter to the bubble planet maker from a World Leader whose planet is in danger
    • An informative guide to bubble planets


Credit: Marie Cardouat
Facebook page
Blog (in French)

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