Dragon Writer


  • What do you know about the dragon? What can you infer?
  • What is the dragon writing? Write what you imagine to be on that page.
  • Do all dragons write?
  • Explore other dragons in stories. What would they write? How would they tell the story from their point of view?
  • Who makes hats and glasses for dragons? Where do they buy them from? Where did this dragon get the typewriter? Where are the rings from?
  • Do all dragons have jobs? What other jobs might they have? Draw a dragon in a different role. Write a job advert for a dragon, and an application form for this position.
  • Link with Pie Corbett’s ideas for teaching around the text ‘Tell Me A Dragon’ by Jackie Morris: Tell Me A Dragon Teachers’ Notes by Pie Corbett.


Credit: Andrew Ferez
Website – not all images suitable for children

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