First Cupid

(Cupido Primus)

This early messenger of love was unearthed in pristine condition,
Area 18. 1908


  • Who was Cupid?
  • Why is this called ‘First Cupid’? Were there more?
  • When was First Cupid discovered? Who do you think discovered it?
  • When do you think this Cupid was alive?
  • Where do you think ‘Area 18’ is?
  • Where is this displayed?
  • Why does Cupid have wings?
  • Why was a messenger of love needed?
  • Write an explanation of how people used to fall in love with the help of Cupid.
  • Discuss whether is it right for Cupid to intervene in bringing people together, or whether we should just leave it to them.


Credit: Tim O’Brien

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