Floating Town


  • What do you notice about this town?
  • How is the town floating? Why? Does it ever land? Is it always moving?
  • Who lives in this town?
  • What is the building with the clock on the front?
  • How did the fire start?
  • How will the residents escape?
  • Who is on the ships below?
  • When do you think this is? Give reasons for your opinions.
  • What do you think is going to happen?
  • Write a first person account of this event. Choose your perspective: someone on a ship beneath the floating town, or a resident of the town. Include description of the events, their thoughts and feelings, and add depth to the story (use your responses to the questions to help you).
  • Science extension: Materials and their properties.
    The mayor is planning to rebuild the town after the devastating fire. He has admitted that the houses which stood previously were not built to withstand extreme heat. What was wrong with the materials used? What about the layout of the houses? Could anything have been done to prevent the spread of the fire? The mayor has asked for ‘New Town’ designs to be submitted: special consideration should be given to the materials used and the layout of the buildings, to prevent another catastrophe. Create your design and pitch it to the mayor, explaining your choices.

Credit: SnowSkadi

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