Lost World


  • Where is this? Where is the light coming from? Is this inside or outside?
  • What is the ‘lost world’? Why is it lost?
  • What are the giant heads?
  • Who are the people on the boats?
  • Where did they come from? Where are they going?
  • Look at the nearest boat:
    • Who is the person wearing a hat and a cloak? Are they more important? Why are they standing up? What are they looking at?
    • Who is the man rowing? Is this his job? Why did he have to row? What is he looking at?
    • Who is the shirtless man? Why isn’t he wearing a shirt? Does he want to be there?
  • When do you think this is set (past, present or future)?
  • What do you think will happen after this scene?

Credit: Tyler Carter

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